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At NCGC we learn by ear - without the need to read music. School of Music Courses are designed to open up the world of written musical score.


We teach reading music, understanding music theory and singing at sight, all learned through singing games, body percussion and team challenges.

Who's it for?

The School of Music Courses are for anyone with an interest in music, whether members of NCGC or not.

What's involved?

We think making and learning music should be fun! These sessions are completely interactive and highly teamwork-focussed. You’ll be learning songs, bouncing balls, clapping rhythms, learning body percussion and completing musical challenges that will teach you the theory behind how music is constructed.

What’s covered?

We say that these are courses in music reading, music theory and sight-singing, but they include tonnes of other aspects of music and musicality. You’ll learn to read and write music, but will also be picking up aspects of composition, transposition, improvisation, transcription, and harmony work to name a few.

Need to know:

The courses run at different levels, with each course lasting for 9 weeks. The first two sessions of each course are 90 minutes long; the remaining seven sessions each last 1 hour. The full cost of each course is £90. Drop us an email to for details of upcoming courses.